Pittsburgh: A Hub for Innovation

<strong>Pittsburgh: A Hub for Innovation</strong>

Home to Carnegie Mellon University, the University of Pittsburgh, Duquesne University and more, Pittsburgh brings together young, bright minds from all over the world. This is nothing new – with over 200 years of innovation in Pittsburgh’s history, this city has become nationally recognized for its contribution to modern technology, medical advancements and more. 

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Seen at CES 2017

<strong>Seen at CES 2017</strong>

Because it is the largest trade show in North America, companies often exhibit at the Consumer Electronics Show to debut brand new products to the masses of buyers, product developers, content service professionals, tech experts and retailers that walk the show floor. This exhausting four-day show is chalk full of exciting innovations, seminars, media events and product demonstrations from the 4,000+ exhibiting companies. 

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Successful Innovation is a Matter of Willpower

<strong>Successful Innovation is a Matter of Willpower</strong>

In his book David & Goliath, Malcolm Gladwell quotes the psychologist Jordan Peterson who argues that innovators and revolutionaries tend to have a very particular mix of personality traits. “Innovators have to be open. They have to be able to imagine things that others cannot and to be willing to challenge their own preconceptions. They also need to be conscientious. An innovator who has brilliant ideas but lacks the discipline to carry them out is merely a dreamer. That, too, is obvious. But crucially, innovators need to be disagreeable. They are people willing to take social risks – to do things that others might disapprove of.”

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What Can an Attendee Expect to Get Out of a Trade Show

<strong>What Can an Attendee Expect to Get Out of a Trade Show</strong>

Industries from all over the spectrum have annual trade shows to showcase products, technologies, innovations and new start-ups to industry experts, company representatives and the general public. From medical products and automotive aftermarket products to construction equipment and office supplies, there are trade shows for practically every field. 

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Sponsor INPEX, America's Largest Invention Show

<strong>Sponsor INPEX, America's Largest Invention Show</strong>

Are you looking for a way to promote your company, products or services to a qualified group of inventors, entrepreneurs, start-ups, representatives from a range of industries, decision makers and more? Consider sponsoring INPEX 2017, where you can promote your brand as a supporter of innovation at the largest invention show in America.

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What Does Innovation Mean?

<strong>What Does Innovation Mean?</strong>

If you stop and look around at your daily life, you will notice innovation is everywhere. Without innovators and individuals who either have ideas or create inventions, we would be no where as a society. The definition of innovation, according to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, is “the introduction of something new.” This definition is simple and to the point, but at times you may stop and ask yourself, “What does innovation mean?”

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Intro to the 2016 INPEX Product Search Companies

<strong>Intro to the 2016 INPEX Product Search Companies</strong>

INPEX has had the privilege of working with a number of well-known companies throughout the years. Each year, select companies are invited to participate in Private Product Searches at the INPEX show, where a panel of company representatives meet with inventors in one-on-one appointments. The inventors will demonstrate and pitch their inventions in the hopes of company interest.

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