Hampton Direct New Product Review

Hampton Direct New Product Review

Hampton Direct is an industry leader in marketing some of the world's most successful "As Seen On TV" products. Hampton Direct concentrates on developing, branding and marketing innovative and useful items that address specific household products. Products include the Wonder Hanger®, Twin Draft Guard®, Total Pillow®, and Hampton Direct's most recent success – Chillow® and WaxVac®. Because each of these products meets an unmet consumer need, they have emerged as household names with multiple line extensions.

New Product Review Criteria

Hampton Direct will be at INPEX® 2014 looking for consumer goods that a) solve a problem, b) save time, and/or c) save money in the following categories:

  • Storage
  • Housewares
  • Hardware
  • Garden
  • Auto accessories
  • Cleaners
  • Health & beauty
  • Travel accessories
  • Pet accessories
  • Jewelry
  • Apparel
  • Apparel accessories

Product can be patented or non-patented.

For more information on Hampton Direct, please visit www.hamptondirect.com.

If you are an inventor with an invention that fits the above criteria and you are interested in presenting your product to Hampton Direct, please call your INPEX representative today at 888-54-INPEX.


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