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InventHelp - "The Invent Help People"INPEX® is a service of InventHelp, "The Invent Help People," a leading inventor service company.

"The Invent Help People" are committed to a straightforward, honest approach to inventor services. Our advertising, sales practices and customer service do not mislead or misinform. We always stress that invention submission is a risky endeavor and that most inventions are not successful. Fraudulent companies, on the other hand, may lure inventors with "too good to be true" promises. Please see Honest Invention Company for more information on how you can find a reputable company to work with your invention.

InventHelp services are geared to help inventors try to present their invention ideas to industry in the hope of receiving a good faith review. "The Invent Help People" attempt to display clients' inventions to companies in a favorable manner. Each year, InventHelp holds the INPEX invention trade show as a part of its inventor services.

InventHelp also offers an invention patent services program, through which we refer inventors to an independent patent attorney or agent to help create and file a U.S. patent application.

To find out more about how InventHelp can assist you in trying to submit an idea to companies, as well as help you obtain patent services, call toll-free 1-800-INVENTION.

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