INPEX® Testimonials

Here's what past INPEX exhibitors are saying about America's Largest Invention Trade Show:

"I have been working on my product for several years and wished I had attended INPEX sooner. Your show is a wealth of opportunities and resources, especially for those just starting out. I was skeptical about attending, but I will let you know, over any trade show I have attended, your show has given our company many leads to get our company to the next level."

--Grace SooHoo, Simple Necessit-Ease, Inc.


"We cannot say strongly enough how valuable it was for us to attend INPEX. It has been the best investment for us to date to grow our brand. We met contacts in areas we never anticipated and we continue to attain more opportunities with every contact we explore."

-–Dr. Roland Berthiaume, Lo-Bak TRAX™


"With so many attendees and exhibitors registered, INPEX provided a fantastic forum for [us] to meet key industry personnel from around the world. Covering retail, manufacturing, distribution and so many more sectors, our team was able to engage with a variety of folks from several industries around the world."

-–MaryAnne Randall, ClearKey®


"Everything has been perfect! I couldn't imagine everything being as good as it has been. On a scale of one to 10, I would have to give the show a 100!"

-–David Barlowe, Majic Sprayer


"This show was very informative and I would advise any inventor to exhibit. Matching me up with Bosch Tools was ideal!"

-–Morris McLaurin, The Wash Caddie Plus™


"I've been spreading the word that INPEX is the place to be if someone has an idea... It was such an amazing opportunity and we were blessed at the huge response we received."

-–Jennifer Gerlacher, INPEX 2010 Exhibitor


"I learned priceless information about getting my invention either licensed, marketed, manufactured, packaged, distributed, or even invested in during the classes held each morning... [INPEX was] an overall welcoming atmosphere for the exhibitors to showcase our inventions with pride."

-–Angelique Warner, INPEX 2010 Exhibitor


"After two days of making contacts, we can already declare this show a successful trip."

--Gary Greer, INPEX 2010 Exhibitor


"Everyone here has been remarkable and the staff is very helpful!"

--Clarence & Dustyn Wilmot, INPEX 2010 Exhibitors


"I learned so much at INPEX. My hats off to them for such a great and wonderful experience. They were very professional in all they did, with all of us inventors in mind."

--Al Sing, The Handy Scrub Glove


"We are so pleased with the INPEX show. We met some great people. The INPEX staff, exhibitors, judges and media were awesome. We plan on coming back to INPEX next year - hopefully with a new invention."

--Kelly & Ray Harding, The American Angler’s Hook


"The show far surpassed my expectations. I met such lovely people who were willing to give information and share experiences. The information I received was priceless. This show was extremely well-planned and staff was fantastic."

--Michelle Massie, Waterproof/Disposable Shower Chair Seat Cover


"The show was great! We made so many valuable contacts and found all of the seminars to be very educational."

--Kyrsten Braun, PillowNotes


"Thank you for the opportunity to show America our product, and meet some of the nicest, most helpful people on the planet."

--Curtis Fleischman, Plastic Utility Clips with Attachment Possibilities


"How exciting to see the enthusiasm and hard work of the all the inventors. It was truly a wonderful learning experience, and meeting many different business people from all over the world was awesome. It was also very thrilling to take advantage of the LIVE Talk Radio Show and audition for Pitch To America!"

--Theodora "Teddi" Eberhardt, Say My Name


"The INPEX show was something that I had never imagined. It was fantastic and very worthwhile."

--Agnes Ferguson, Bot-Top


"It was a great show, and I look forward to bringing other new ideas to this venue in future years."

--Pamela Harrell, The Tornado Alarm System


"We can't seem to stop talking about how wonderful the INPEX trade show and staff are. Thank you for all your kindness, support and patience. Can't wait for the next event."

--LaVerne Adekunle, Diva Hair Pillows


"Thank you for the wonderful learning experience I had at the Inventors Show. Your staff was fantastic. They were very friendly and helpful, even at the end of the day when I know most of them were ready to drop."

--Dorothy Kucik, Caddy DR.™


"INPEX opened numerous avenues and opportunities for the Alrobo Company and I personally thank [the INPEX staff] for your help in this accomplishment. The suggestions and tips you gave were very beneficial when we presented our products to the vendors, investors, manufacturers, etc. seeking new and creative products and ideas."

--Allen Bryant, The Alrobo Company - Right Solution


"If I ever invent another product, I'll be at INPEX. This show is the greatest place in the world to meet manufacturers and buyers."

--Thomas Duffy, Adjustable Vice Locking Pliers