How to Make Your Booth More Appealing at Your Next Trade Show

By Emily Moorhead

Everyone wants to be the trade show rock star who has a crowd of people surrounding their booth, an audible buzz resonating from the area, and a stack of business cards from relevant markets. But how can you do this? The best way to have a positive experience at a trade show is by having an appealing booth. Your achievement at a trade show is determined by how much work you put into it, so start off by putting a lot of valuable time and effort into your trade show booth. You’d be surprised how much these small tips and tricks can help you with your overall experience at a trade show.

Have an interactive booth

An interactive, engaging booth helps to attract and retain visitors. If your booth draws a crowd, more people are likely to stop over and visit. To have an interactive booth, plan out some activities people can complete while they are visiting your booth. Have them demo a product, watch a video, take a survey, and chat with someone on your team. The longer you can keep them engaged and interested in your booth, the more likely you are to draw a crowd and garner relationships.

Offer a giveaway

Everyone loves free stuff! Offer a small giveaway, such as a branded item. Another idea is to include a giveaway wheel booth visitors can spin. You can offer small branded items, samples of your product, gift cards, and other giveaways. The giveaway wheel or other small games are always a big hit. Don’t forget to offer snacks! Because trade shows are so busy, people are always hungry. By offering snacks or candy, your booth will attract attendees looking for a treat!

Create professional materials

Your booth should be decked out in professionally designed materials. From your banners to your business cards, each element should look clean and well-branded. Use your color scheme and stick to consistent logos and font throughout your booth’s materials. The overall result should be professional and consistent. If you’re not sure if you have the creative know-how to create a streamlined image, seek help from a designer to create the overall image for your entire booth. This will create an incredibly polished appearance. 

Be welcoming

First impressions are everything. It’s important for you and your team to look friendly and welcoming throughout the full duration of a trade show. Even when you are tired, hungry, and your feet hurt, show everyone at the trade show how excited you are about your product. Also, pay attention to your body language. Make sure your arms aren’t crossed over your chest; this makes you look disinterested, unavailable, and unwelcoming. Remember to stand up straight, which gives you an air of confidence. By giving off the right vibes through smiles and body language, you can be welcoming in your booth.

Have team meetings

Make sure everyone involved with your booth is on the same page by having regular team meetings. They don’t have to be lengthy, but meeting for 5-10 minutes before the floor opens, during lunch, before the show closes, and after the networking events can help your team communicate more effectively and run more smoothly. Also, consider downloading an app such as GroupMe which allows you to hold a group text conversation more easily. Effective communication and a strong team helps to make your booth more appealing to potential connections.

If you want to have a popular, engaging, and lead-generating booth, you need to make it appealing to visitors. By being interactive, offering a giveaway, having professional materials, being welcoming, and having team meetings, you can make your booth more appealing and reach more potential connections. 

Matthew Tagliavia