How Inventors Can Draw Trade Show Attendees Towards Their Booth

By Nicole Lininger

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While preparing to exhibit at a trade show, you may find yourself wondering about the best ways to get the attention of trade show attendees. Drawing them into your booth can be difficult at times, especially for first time exhibitors. Here are some of the best ways to capture the attention of trade show attendees.


If there is one thing everyone loves, it’s free giveaways! Handing out free branded items such as pens or magnets is a great way to draw in attendees to your booth. Adding the name of your invention or company to the free gift will let attendees walk away with a reminder of your product. Don’t forget to also include your contact information so the recipient of your free item has a way to get in touch with you. Every time the attendee looks at the free gift, he or she will be reminded of your invention.

Interactive games and activities

Attendees may grow weary after walking around a trade show for hours on end. Grab their attention by featuring fun games, activities, and product demonstrations in your booth. Once attendees see others enjoying themselves at your booth, they are more likely to walk over to join in on the excitement. Getting these attendees involved will leave them with a lasting impression of your brand.

Social Media

Today’s general population regularly engages with others via various social media platforms. New technology allows for the use of social media during today’s trade show floor hours. Create a hashtag for your guests to post about after meeting you in your booth. This will draw in other attendees at the trade show, as well as get the attention of social media followers all over the world. Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, and even Instagram accounts are all great ways of informing trade show attendees that you’re exhibiting your new product!

Look Sharp and Approachable

Looking sloppy and unorganized can deter attendees, as well as result in a loss of credibility for your invention. Your branding is important, and should be maintained at all times during a trade show. Keep both your attire and your booth neat and clean at all times. That doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with your booth! Find the balance between fun and professional to impress attending companies.


Having a prototype or some inventory of your product can help attract attendees to your booth. With a prototype, companies are able to see and touch a physical version of your invention. Attendees may be more likely to stop at your booth when you bring a prototype to a trade show.

Exhibiting at a trade show is a productive way to get your inventions in front of companies. Use these tips as inspiration for a professional and interactive booth that reflects the tone and function of your invention and leaves attendees with a positive impression of your brand. 

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