Part II: The Best Questions to Ask a Trade Show Exhibitor

By Nicole Lininger

While attending a trade show, you may find yourself wondering what to ask an exhibitor about their products. Because there can be such a range of booths with a variety of brands and inventions, your interaction with each exhibitor often varies from booth to booth. In our last blog we gave trade show exhibitors a list of questions they could ask business attendees at their next show. Now, here are some questions for attendees to ask exhibitors while walking the show floor.

What is the name of your company/invention?

If the name of the exhibitor’s brand is not visible, it could be helpful to inquire in order to gain full knowledge on his or her brand. This question could be the perfect conversation starter at almost any booth. You might miss out on an exciting opportunity by not asking simple questions such as this.

How does your invention work?

Some inventions are complicated and require the inventor to explain or demonstrate how it works. Do not be afraid to ask for more information, as many exhibitors are excited to show off their inventions. A simple demonstration can often illustrate how an invention works, allowing you to better understand its function.

May I have a business card?

Many trade show exhibitors will have business cards available for you to take home. Make sure you leave every booth of interest with the exhibitor’s contact information so that you have a means for contacting them after the show.


Attending a trade show is a fun way to learn about a variety of products and companies. Don’t miss out on exciting opportunities by not asking the right questions.