Advantages of Having a Prototype for Your Product at a Trade Show

By Nicole Lininger

While preparing to exhibit at a trade show, you may find yourself wondering if your experience will be more beneficial by having a prototype of your product in your booth. A prototype is the first model of your product or idea. It is advantageous to have a prototype when showing your invention because it provides attendees a physical item that they can see, touch, and even demonstrate.

Give attendees a better understanding of how your product works

Representation through a prototype can give business attendees the information needed to fully grasp the function of your invention. By giving attendees a better understanding of how your product works, they can better explain your invention to others at their corporation or parent company.

Gives attendees a visual representation of your product

One of the best ways to show attendees how your product works is through a prototype. Attendees are potential customers or investors, so allowing them to see your product could help lead to more opportunities. An actual visual representation of your product allows an attendee to gain a better understanding of the size and weight of your product.

Allows for a physical interaction

Your prototype could potentially lead to a greater interaction, attention and response from attendees. Often, attendees want to physically handle a new product, so a prototype allows for this type of interaction. The ability to touch and feel a product, rather than simply seeing it on a screen can lead to more opportunities to pitch your idea to attendees. Your prototype could also increase credibility of your brand. By giving attendees the opportunity to interact with your inventions, visitors of your booth may be more likely to remember you and your product.

Gain better feedback from attendees

One of the many benefits of exhibiting your prototype at a trade show is the opportunity to gain feedback from industry professionals that allow you to improve on your business model. Once they have handled your prototype, they are able to provide constructive feedback about your invention. Feedback on your prototype can be an important way to improve upon your invention.

Take full advantage of a trade show’s opportunities by displaying, presenting and demonstrating a prototype at your booth. Prototypes may lead to more opportunities including more attendee interaction and feedback.