Part I: The Best Questions to Ask a Trade Show Attendee

By Nicole Lininger

When attending a trade show, individuals can expect to interact with not only exhibitors but also fellow attendees. In this two-part series, we will cover the best questions to ask both attendees and exhibitors.

Trade show attendees are potential customers, companies, investors or other inventors. To initiate conversation, and to get attendees interested in your product, consider asking attendees the following questions.


What brought you to this trade show?

By asking an attendee what brought him or her to the trade show, you are gaining information about that individual’s background. Understanding the reasoning behind his or her attendance can help you tailor your pitch to relate to their nature of business or expertise.

How has your trade show experience been so far?

As you continue your conversation with an attendee, you can benefit from asking him or her how the trade show experience has been thus far. This question will help you gain insight on what they hope to achieve from the trade show in order to make their visit to your booth worthwhile. With this knowledge, you will be able to steer the conversation in a direction suitable for that particular attendee.

What attracted you to our booth?

Asking an attendee what attracted him or her to your booth helps you learn from an impartial observer about the first impression of your booth, display or products. This helps you determine what interests the potential customer/investor most about your brand as a whole. An attendee may have been intrigued by your invention’s name, booth branding, or perhaps even your product demonstration. Their answer to this question will also help you work on other areas that may need improvement.

Would you like more information?

Before the attendee walks away from your booth, make sure he or she has received all of the necessary information on your product or brand. Have business cards ready to handout to any interested attendee. Don’t let a potential business partner or investor slip away due to a lack of basic information on your product.


Exhibiting at a trade show can lead to many encounters and conversations with important industry contacts. These conversations could ultimately become an important part of expanding and improving your brand. Be ready with questions ahead of time to be as prepared as possible for the show.