The History of INPEX: America’s Largest Invention Show

For over 30 years, INPEX has been recognized throughout the invention industry as America’s largest trade show for inventors. INPEX, or The Invention and New Product Exposition, is owned and operated by its sister company, InventHelp. INPEX has grown for over three decades, with its next show beginning on June 7, 2016.

The Early Days of INPEX
INPEX started in 1984 at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center. Back then, INPEX went by a different name- “Technology/INPEX.” Of course, in 1984 this trade show was no where near the size that it is today, but still featured many new products and ideas.

As the years went on, INPEX grew and became a well known trade show throughout the United States. Flash forward 17 years later, to INPEX 2001, when the Inventor’s University was first introduced. This educational series gave inventors and entrepreneurs the opportunity to gain knowledge and insight into the world of retail, innovation and design.


Past Years at INPEX
Every year, INPEX staff looked for ways to advance and improve with the rapidly growing world of technology. The show proved itself to be at the forefront of invention technology with the debut of VIBE at INPEX 2015. VIBE, or Virtual Invention Browsing Experience, allows qualified INPEX attendees to participate in private and personalized viewing sessions, where they can view hundreds of inventions available to license or manufacture. Once registered for VIBE, these qualified attendees are able to receive information about inventions relevant to their respective industries.

INPEX 2016
INPEX 2016 begins on June 7th and continues through the 9th. This year’s invention trade show offers unique opportunities to both exhibitors and attendees. Exhibitors at INPEX can potentially receive industry exposure, pitch their products to companies such as Brookstone, Cuisinart and QVC, attend seminars lead by industry experts, and be considered for range of awards.

INPEX attendees include companies from a range of industries, including licensing, marketing, manufacturing, distribution, DRTV, IP law and more. Attending companies have the opportunity to meet with entrepreneurs from all over the world, see hundreds of inventions from 45 different product categories and network with other professionals at the INPEX nightly networking events.

Last, but most certainly not least, this year’s keynote speaker is two-time heavyweight champion and successful entrepreneur George Foreman. He will be delivering his keynote address on Thursday, June 9 at 9:00am in the George Foreman Inventor’s University. Each morning before the show floor opens, The George Foreman Inventors University will include seminars from a variety of professionals, such as patent attorneys, CEOs and DRTV experts.

In the past 31 years, INPEX has made an impression on the world of innovation. This unique trade show provides a forum for inventors and companies to meet, conduct business and potentially launch new products.

Matthew Tagliavia