Creating the Perfect Business Card

By Nicole Lininger

First impressions go a long way, so it’s important to make sure yours is a memorable one. By creating an informative and aesthetically pleasing business card, you are arming yourself with an effective mobile marketing tool. Since your business card is a representation of your brand, it is important to perfect it. Your business card should be unique, clean and sharable.


One goal when creating your business card is to make it unique, so it is distinct and memorable. The last thing you want is to end up in a pile of generic cards and to be unrecognizable from the bunch. Implementing the use of different patterns, colors and textures can be a great way to make your card pop, including the use of engraving or embossing. Another great way to make your business card unique is to include a blueprint or picture of your invention on the back of the card. An interesting alternative to a business card could be the inclusion of your contact information on a sample product or something to represent your company or invention. For example, an inventor of a new tool could display their information on either a sample of their tool or on a key chain in the shape of their tool. A little creativity goes a long way when it comes to your business card, as long as it remains clean and professional. 


The best place to start when designing your business card is with your company logo. By basing your card design off of your logo, you establish consistency within your brand. The design of your card should be readable. Be cautious of using hard-to-read fonts or extremely small font sizes.  Potential customers should be able to look at your card and easily read and locate contact information. Therefore, you should avoid clutter and opt for a neat and orderly design.


Creating a sharable business goes hand in hand with creating a unique business card. If your card is unique or useful, recipients may be more inclined to show others, and it becomes a free form of advertising. Be sure to select a high quality and durable card stock from the vendor. Your business card is a direct reflection of your brand and a flimsy card could make your brand look cheap. Because you want to create an easily sharable card, be sure to include all contact information so any recipient of your card knows how to get in touch with you. This includes your full name, address, phone number, email, website and any social media you may have. InventHelp’s INPEX Director, Nicole Lininger, says this about creating a sharable business card, “The most important thing is to triple check and make sure the information provided is accurate. Sometimes inventors print the wrong information, and an interested company may end up calling a phone number that is no longer connected.” 

A well designed business card will serve as more than just a means of providing contact information. It is an excellent way to represent your brand, advertise and create a lasting impression for potential investors and customers. Be sure to keep these tips in mind as you create your perfect business card!

Matthew Tagliavia