Power of Positive Thinking

By Adelaide Raymond

Essentially, positive thinking is the processing of thoughts and facts in a confident and optimistic manner. It is creating a mental attitude that reflects images and ideas of success and favorable outcomes. Although some may be skeptical of this practice, it is one of the most powerful assets an inventor can have. According to the law of attraction, you reap what you sow. Therefore, if your thoughts are positive, you will generate positive results. In the following scenario, you can see the influence positive thinking can have and why using the power of positive thinking is well worth it.

Alex was going to present his invention at a trade show, but he didn’t believe that any company would have interest in his product. Alex’s lack of self-esteem made him believe that the other inventions were going to be better than his. Soon enough, his negativity turned to the expectation that the trade show would be a waste of his time. On the day of the show, he was late to set up and consequently was flustered for the rest of the day. When a big name company came to his booth and expressed interest in his product, Alex was still so distracted by the fact he didn’t have the time to properly set up that he could not properly execute the pitch he worked so hard to prepare. Ultimately the company lost interest and the day was a bust, just as Alex anticipated.

Jake was going to present his invention at the same trade show, but he had a positive attitude and believed he had a quality product that companies would potentially be interested in. When Jake practiced his pitch, he pictured companies loving his product. He prepared everything he needed the night before the show, and the next morning things went smoothly. When the company he hoped to meet made its way to his booth, he gave his pitch with confidence and it went even better than he practiced. They loved his invention, and he considered the day to be a success.

These scenarios demonstrate the big difference a small attitude adjustment can make. Alex’s product was equal to Jake’s in many ways; however, because Alex didn’t believe in himself the company didn’t either. On the other hand, Jake believed in himself, made a great impression and achieved his goal. In order to practice positive thinking, it is imperative to whole-heartedly believe that results will come. Train your mind to anticipate favorable scenarios and to only think and speak with positivity. Negative thoughts will inevitably creep in, but when they do, recognize that and replace it with a positive one.

Once you begin to invoke a positive mindset, you have the confidence to present yourself in a favorable manner. Because presentation is so important when pitching a product, especially in a trade show setting, make sure to prepare in advance and approach the opportunity with positivity.

Matthew Tagliavia