The short answer to what types of businesses attend INPEX, America's Largest Invention Trade Show, is any qualified* company interested in new products and innovations. Since the inventions exhibited at INPEX run the gamut from housewares and automotive products to electronics and sporting goods, businesses and companies in a wide variety of industries can find applicable new products and inventions at INPEX.

Past attendees have included manufacturing and marketing companies, licensors, retailers, importers/exporters, distributors, venture capital groups, mail-order catalogs, infomercial companies and other businesses interested in inventions. And, at previous INPEX shows, private new product reviews were conducted by companies such as Brookstone, Cuisinart, The Robert Bosch Tool Corporation, Tupperware®, Stanley Black & Decker, OXO, and Procter & Gamble.

*A qualified business attendee is one who works for or owns a company or companies looking for new products for licensing, manufacture, distribution, import/export, research and development, or selling through catalog/direct response TV/internet shopping channels. Also qualified, are companies or educators involved in technology transfer, members of the media, venture capital companies, product wholesalers, product marketers, and product licensing consultants.

What Past Business Attendees Are Saying:

"Being from the trade show business many lives ago, I have seen how the management of shows can greatly effect the enjoyment and usefulness of events and conventions. The team at INPEX can truly take a bow. The show is very well organized, and they really do know how to take care of their exhibitors, attendees and guests. The chance to see the raw enthusiasm of inventors and entrepreneurs, and what they bring to their products and passions, is a great thing to be a part of and INPEX does a fantastic job to bring them all together. I couldn't have enjoyed the 2016 show more and I look forward to next years event!" 
--Marc Gill, Pitchman
“After seeing thousands of products and meeting hundreds of inventors over the past 30 years I would rate INPEX as one of the most important conventions I attend every year. Speaking before this group of people is a true privilege because I know I’m speaking to the highest level of inventors. The quality and variety of inventions I’ve seen, specifically from the viewpoint of a Judge for the Electronic Retailing Association’s Inventor’s Pavilion, has improved every year.  As evidence of this, over the past 7 years of attending INPEX I have witnessed the attendance of DRTV companies grow from a few to almost all of the majors. INPEX is no longer a best kept secret for the Direct to Consumer Industry: it’s a must attend."
--Jeff Meltzer, President, Meltzer Media Productions


"INPEX was a wonderful convention to attend.  So many great ideas and so many wonderful people behind those ideas to speak with, it truly was a rewarding experience.  And the INPEX Team, they were amazing to work with from the moment I registered online until the moment I left the convention and even after with their follow-up.  They made every effort to make sure the experience was both rewarding and enjoyable.  I would highly recommend this convention for anyone who has an invention idea and is looking for investors or a partner, or anyone who appreciates innovative ideas and solutions that might want to invest or partner with some of these great inventors!  I look forward to returning to INPEX again next year!"
--John Barlow, Principal Engineer at Honda
"We found INPEX to be an incredibly valuable use of our time for researching new inventions and ideas. The show is run extremely well and the number and quality of inventions and inventors went way beyond our expectations."
--Ben Feldman, Managing Director at Bootstrap Advisors
"I found the INPEX Show to be a rewarding experience. Not only was there a vast array of products on exhibit by many inventors, but it also provided a forum whereby I was able to put the finishing touches on a licensing opportunity that we are very excited about! Without the face to face meeting at INPEX, I am not sure this would have happened."
--Andy McKinley, Partner - Vice President of Strategy & Business Development, Lenfest Media Group


"As the product development manager of an American manufacturer, this is one event that myself and our engineering manager do not miss each year. Even if you can only make the trade show for a day, I implore anyone who is passionate about innovation and ingenuity, to visit Pittsburgh in June, to witness the future through the eyes of passionate people."
--Deron B. Oberkorn, Product Development Manager, Zoeller Company