Sponsor INPEX, America's Largest Invention Show

Are you looking for a way to promote your company, products or services to a qualified group of inventors, entrepreneurs, start-ups, representatives from a range of industries, decision makers and more? Consider sponsoring INPEX 2017, where you can promote your brand as a supporter of innovation at the largest invention show in America.

As an INPEX sponsor, you have a unique opportunity to increase the visibility of your brand to a diverse audience of both industry professionals and inventors. With the wide range of sponsorships available, your company has the potential to reach hundreds of individuals looking to connect with companies in an interactive and hands-on way.

From speaking opportunities and networking event naming rights to brand recognition on show marketing materials and corporate sponsored awards, the INPEX sponsorship packages allow companies to reach their specific target audience. In addition to the curated sponsorship packages, companies also have the option to create a tailored sponsorship that best suits the needs of their brand.

If you are interested in sponsoring America’s Largest Invention Show, contact Rachel Shapiro, Corporate Development Executive, at rshapiro@inpex.com or 888-54-INPEX x4124.