VIBE is the Next Big Thing in New Product Evaluation

Attend INPEX 2016 to see VIBE, the Virtual Invention Browsing Experience.

VIBE allows business attendees to utilize large, state-of-the-art virtual viewing stations to review inventions from InventHelp clients. These private, touchscreen kiosks will feature 1400 exclusive new products available to be licensed, marketed, manufactured and more.

InventHelp’s VIBE will be located in the VIP Lounge on the show floor. INPEX’s 31st annual show will be held June 7-9, 2016 at the Monroeville Convention Center, just outside Pittsburgh, PA. Attendees that qualify to sign up for VIBE will also be entered to win a travel package valued at $400!

VIBE debuted at INPEX 2015 and this year will feature almost double the number of inventions that it held at last year’s show!

Business attendees can register to attend INPEX at no cost here.

For more information about INPEX, visit or contact Rachel Shapiro at or 888-54-INPEX ext. 4124.