Seen at CES 2017

Because it is the largest trade show in North America, companies often exhibit at the Consumer Electronics Show to debut brand new products to the masses of buyers, product developers, content service professionals, tech experts and retailers that walk the show floor. This exhausting four-day show is chalk full of exciting innovations, seminars, media events and product demonstrations from the 4,000+ exhibiting companies. InventHelp sent a team to the show to promote a brand new product and network with the other attending professionals. With a show so large, it’s difficult to summarize the event in a short article. Instead, here is our wrap up of some of our favorite products we saw at CES 2017.

InventHelp Glass:
InventHelp’s Intromark exhibited at CES to debut InventHelp glass, a liquid technology that strengthens the glass of any tablet or smartphone, eliminating the need to use a screen protector. This nano technology helps to prevent scratches, cracks and has hydrophobic properties, extending the life of the device. Because it works on a molecular level, InventHelp Glass only requires one application, as it never wears off. The Intromark booth was a hot spot, drawing in crowds all four days of the show because of the wince-inducing product demonstration that involved hitting an iPad screen with a hammer to illustrate the strength of the glass once the product is applied. For more information:

QuirkLogic’s Quilla:
QuirkLogic debuted the world’s first connected eWriter called Quilla. These 42” electronic paper devices offer the power to share content, enabling organizations to collaborate with departments across the world in real time. Although this brand new innovation is highly technical, it is user-friendly and straightforward, providing companies with a new way to present and share brainstorms, blueprints, flowcharts and doodles. Only weighing 22 lbs, this battery powered eWriter can also be used on the go. For more information:

ZTE Axon 7 VR:
Chinese company ZTE promoted their virtual reality headset, which operates with the new Axon 7 smartphone. The phone plugs into the front of the headset and functions as the screen, providing the wearer with an out-of-body experience. This VR headset is designed to fit comfortably over the face, is easy to operate and even incorporates technologies designed to ease dizziness by ensuring the images correspond with the wearer’s head movements. ZTE consistently had a line of people in their booth waiting to try out the headset, as well as demo their other products. For more information:

LG Signature OLED TV W:
LG was a hit at CES with the launch of their brand new TV, the LG Signature OLED TV W. This TV brings a whole new meaning to the term “flat screen,” as it features a “wallpaper” design, which is so thin and light that it attaches directly to the wall itself, providing the user with a picture-on-wall experience. Protruding only 0.15 inch, it is so thin that it is almost unrecognizable when viewed from the side. It is available in two different sizes: 65-inch and 77-inch, weighing at most 27 lbs. It will be available in March for $8,000.00. For more information:

By showcasing brand new technology and innovations, CES almost seems like it is ahead of our time. From virtual reality and paper-thin televisions to electronic whiteboards and a glass-strengthening nano technology and everything in-between, CES is the one-stop shop for technology enthusiasts looking for the latest products.