INPEX® Exhibitor Contract Terms

  1. General – Exhibitors are responsible for supplying or renting additional furnishings and decorations. See APA Expo Service Order Form.
  2. WHAT SPACE RENTAL INCLUDES – 3' curtained side rails, 8' backdrop, 1 skirted 6' table, 2 chairs, booth carpeting, waste basket, and a booth identification sign.
  3. DEFAULT OF OCCUPANCYAny Lessee failing to occupy space contracted for is obligated to pay the full rental cost of such space, which space may be reassigned by Show Management. Space contracted for, by an exhibitor must only be used to display its products or services.
  4. INSURANCE – INPEX will take every precaution to safeguard Lessee's properties by means of regular security service. However, INPEX and the Exhibit Hall will not be liable for damage or loss to Lessee's properties through theft, fire, accident, or destructive cause. Lessees shall insure their own exhibit and display materials where special protection is desired.
  5. SUBLETTING OF SPACE – The exhibitor agrees not to assign, grant or license the use of space, or any other part allotted to him or her, without written consent of the Management. Exhibitor agrees not to exhibit, advertise, or offer for sale goods other than that manufactured or sold by him or her in the regular course of business. No exhibitor will be permitted to display his or her products or conduct business for his or her company outside the confines of his or her assigned space.
  6. ARRANGEMENT OF EXHIBITS – The Management asks each exhibitor to recognize the rights of other exhibitors and that the general appearance of the Show as a whole must take precedence over that of any individual exhibit. Assigned booth space is subject to change if in the judgement of the Show Management such a move will assure a better flow of traffic for exhibitors. NOTE: Exhibitors in end aisle locations are not permitted to remove side rails or curtains from their booths.
    1. Backwalls
      The standard height for backwalls is 8'0". Exceptions to this are covered under "Structural Displays" below. The full height of the backwall may extend forward one-third of the booth depth along each side of the booth. Side rails separating booths may not exceed 42" in height. The backwall must be properly covered to present a satisfactory appearance from the adjoining booths.
    2. Structural Displays
      In order to allow more effective utilization of the cube area, solid structural displays are subject to the following limitations:
      1. All Structures must be 8' or below:
        1. Structure(s) shall not block visibility of neighboring booths, in the judgement of Show Management.
        2. Structure(s) cannot be positioned closer to the front boundary of Lessee's booth.
      2. Structure(s) above 8':
        1. Structure(s) above 8' must be submitted to and approved by show management prior to arrival at INPEX.
        2. Structure(s) are defined as displays, signs, or other material, but not a permanent structure of the exhibit hall. Structure(s) above 8'0" must be approved by show management.
    3. Sound
      Exhibitors are requested to take reasonable precautions to minimize the noise level of their exhibits. Show Management will exercise control over objectionable noise.
    4. Souvenirs, Contests, Etc.
      Distribution of souvenirs and other novelties must bear some relationship to the industry. Raffles, drawings, contests, or other special plans must be approved by Show Management in writing.
  7. SAFETY, FIRE, HEALTH, AND APPLICABLE LAWS – The Lessee shall assume all responsibility for compliance with local city, state, and federal safety, fire, health, and other ordinances and laws regarding installation or the operation of equipment, displays, and exhibit materials. Equipment must be protected by safety guards and fireproofing to prevent fire hazards and personal accidents to visitors.
  8. CARE OF BUILDING – No Lessee may allow any article to be brought into, nor permit any act to be done on the premises, which will violate or increase the premiums on policies of insurance held by either the Show Management or the Exhibit Hall, provided that said policies are not more restrictive than standard liability and property damage insurance policies and standard fire insurance policies with extended coverage.
    No Lessee may permit any act by its employees, or its agent, by which the premises shall in any manner, be marred or defaced. Lessees must surrender the space occupied by them in the same condition as the commencement of occupation. Normal wear and tear and damage from casualties beyond the reasonable control of the Lessee excepted. Any damage done to the premises by the Lessee, its employees or agents, shall be made good to INPEX or the building owners, as their interests may appear.
  9. GENERAL – All matters and questions not covered by these Rules and Regulations and interpretations of these Rules and Regulations are subject to the decision of the Show Management. These Rules and Regulations may be amended and/or interpreted at anytime by the Show Management. In the event of a dispute, the matter will be referred to the Show Director.
  10. SHOW DATA – Floor plan: All booth dimensions as shown on the official floor plan are believed to be accurate, but Show Management assumes no responsibility if show decorator needs to make adjustments. Other: Data regarding ceiling heights, freight entrances, electrical current, etc., will be included in the official floor plan or in the Service Manual.
  11. FORCE MAJEURE – INPEX shall not be responsible for any loss, damage, or delay due to strikes, lockouts, Acts of God, governmental restriction, enemy action, civil action, unavoidable casualty, or other causes similar or dissimilar, beyond the control of INPEX.
    1. INPEX and Show Management cannot predict the attendee traffic flow or pattern throughout the show floor.