For inventors, just getting a foot in the door or finding the right person to talk to can be the hardest part of developing a new invention. INPEX, America's Largest Invention Trade Show, provides a forum for inventors and entrepreneurs to exhibit their inventions and attempt to make contacts with companies interested in new products. It is a service of InventHelp.

By exhibiting at InventHelp's INPEX show, inventors get the chance to explain the specific features and advantages of their inventions directly to business attendees and receive feedback. INPEX also features a number of corporate product searches which are private, one-on-one meetings, conducted by companies looking to add new products to their existing product lines. And, the Invention Show presents a unique educational experience with The George Foreman Inventors University.

If you have an idea, invention or innovative product or service, and you are looking to meet with businesses and companies interested in new products – don't miss the chance to exhibit at INPEX!

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