Growing up in the world of sports, direct marketing, and retail sales, George Foreman Jr. has developed an extensive working knowledge of these industries, along with strong relationships with key players of each respective industry.  With the presence of his mentor and father George Foreman, marketing consumer products was a natural for the Foreman family and George Jr. continues to operate in this arena.

George Foreman, Jr., has served as Senior Vice President and member of the Board of Directors of the Foreman Enterprises, Inc. since 2005. Prior to joining George Foreman Enterprises, Inc., Mr. Foreman worked as a senior marketing executive for Salton, Inc. (George Foreman Grill).

Product Search Criteria

George Foreman Jr. is passionate about inventors and wants to help share the knowledge and information that he’s learned over the years working in this industry. He will be at INPEX 2017 to conduct a private product search and meet with inventors. If you have an invention or new product in the following categories, George wants to meet with you:

  • Healthcare/Medical
  • Sports
  • Fitness
  • Housewares
  • Personal Care
  • Auto
  • Beauty
  • Technology

Products can be patented and patent-pending to meet with George Foreman Jr.

If you have an invention that fits the above criteria and you would like to participate in the George Foreman Jr. Foreman Next Gen new product search at INPEX 2017, please call your INPEX representative today at 1-888-54-INPEX or complete our exhibitor information request form.