INPEX 2017 Product Searches

<strong>INPEX 2017 Product Searches</strong>

Each year, INPEX welcomes qualified companies to conduct Private Product Searches during the show, where a panel of company representatives meet one-on-one with select inventors of products relevant to their line. It gives exhibiting inventors a “Shark Tank” type experience during which they have the opportunity to pitch their product in a private setting to companies that may be interested in their product.

Prototypes: The Various ‘Hows’ & ‘Whys’

<strong>Prototypes: The Various ‘Hows’ & ‘Whys’</strong>

In the modern age we live in, the term “prototype” now has such a broad and varied scope.  By definition it is a first, typical or preliminary model of something, especially a machine, from which other forms are developed or copied.  However, the ways in which a prototype can be created, and the various mediums, techniques and materials that can be used are almost limitless. 

18 Inspiring Quotes for February’s National Inventors’ Day

<strong>18 Inspiring Quotes for February’s National Inventors’ Day</strong>

History’s greatest inventors have made it possible for us to cure diseases, turn on the lights, flush the toilet, speak to someone on the opposite side of the world, and fly in airplanes. This year’s National Inventors’ Day was February 11, 2017.  Although it was a perfect day for celebrating the accomplishments of the world’s best inventors, these inspiring innovation quotes come into play every day in the life of an inventor.

INPEX 2016 Exhibitors Progress Report

<strong>INPEX 2016 Exhibitors Progress Report</strong>

For many INPEX exhibitors, INPEX is their first trade show and first opportunity to pitch their product to attending business professionals. The companies that attend INPEX shows year after year come looking for new products to license, market, manufacture, distribute and more. Once an INPEX show concludes, we don’t always hear from our past exhibitors, as they can then become very busy reaching out to contacts they met at the show and continuing to work on their inventions. 

Past, Present and Future: The Beer Blizzard Story

<strong>Past, Present and Future: The Beer Blizzard Story</strong>

Michael Robb and his beer-cooling invention, Beer Blizzard, was one of the stars at INPEX® 2014. The inventor won a Gold Medal for his invention in the Design (Technical) category. The Gibsonia resident, just north of Pittsburgh, PA, created a plastic ice cube that is shaped like the bottom of beer and soda cans and is scientifically proven to keep beer ice cold.

Inventors Present to the Direct Response Industry

<strong>Inventors Present to the Direct Response Industry</strong>

Last week, 30 inventors exhibited in the InventHelp-INPEX® New Product Showcase at Electronic Retailing Association’s (ERA) annual convention at the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas. This annual gathering for the global direct-to-consumer industry consists of three days of high-level networking, business-building sessions and two exhibition floors of companies in electronic and digital direct response.