INPEX® Crosses the Pond to Exhibit at BIS™ - The British Invention Show

INPEX Trade Show Director, Nicole Lininger, and INPEX Manager, Susie Rich, set off to beautiful and historical London, England October 21-24 to attend the 15th Anniversary of BIS – The British Invention Show. BIS is the UKs largest exhibition of invention, innovation and technology. While in attendance, Nicole and Susie met with a variety of UK-based companies, as well as inventors from countries such as Malaysia, Croatia, Poland, Iran and, of course, Britain, to name a few. The journey for INPEX was a terrific networking experience and the ladies are grateful for the incomparable hospitality and generosity of Mr. Kane Kramer, Chairman of the British Inventors Society and Organizer of BIS.

The following inventor won the 2015 Gold Cup award, which is the top award at BIS:

Inventor: Dr. Chong Kwok Feng – Malaysia

Invention: Energy Storage Supercapacitor from Biowaste (UMPACITOR)

The ladies chronicled some sights of their trip abroad in the link below. Enjoy!

British Invention Show Video