INPEX® for Inventors – A Few Key Benefits

Inventors who exhibit at INPEX have a unique experience to pursue a host of valuable opportunities in one location. The INPEX staff works each year to secure companies, speakers and educators that can benefit inventors.

Since every inventor has a different need, we created a list that highlights some of the key benefits to exhibiting an invention at INPEX:

  • Hundreds of companies attend INPEX looking for products (decision makers)
  • Corporate product searches
  • Exhibit, pitch, demonstrate, and promote your invention
  • Potential for licensing, marketing, and manufacturing of your invention
  • Receive valuable feedback from industry experts
  • Local/national publicity
  • Networking events
  • George Foreman Inventors University – learn from experts
  • Inventor Resource Center
  • Venture capital investment opportunities
  • Judging/awards

Booth space is still available! Call your INPEX representative today at 1-888-54-INPEX or click here to request information about exhibiting!