Mind your Manners: 3 Business Etiquette Tips for Inventors


All inventors come from different backgrounds and professions. Some of you were or still are business professionals, college students, labor workers or entrepreneurs. While you grew up, you were taught the basic please and thank-you, when to talk and when to not interrupt, and how to greet new people. As an inventor it is likely that you are going to meet, negotiate and pitch your invention idea to many people in different industries. Professional social situations can be a little awkward at first but here are a few business etiquette tips to keep in mind during your invention process.

Introducing Yourself

“Hello my name is (first and last name)!” When introducing yourself for the first time, you want to use your first and last name. Barbara Pachter, of BusinessInsider.com, states that standing when greeted helps establish your presence. If you cannot rise to your feet make sure to lean your chest a little forward to indicate you would stand if you could. When greeted by someone first such as an investor, patent attorney or fellow inventor, try to add their name into your greeting, such as “Hello Bob! My name is…” This way you can make the greeting more personable.

Stick to the Dress Code

Depending on what you are doing for the day, your clothing attire may vary. Map out your course of action when attending a meeting, trade show or a day at the office. “You want to dress for success,” says Joseph Cohen from Demand Media. Even if you are in a casual environment, you want to look your best. If the dress code is uncertain, it is always better to be overdressed than underdressed. Make sure to have outfits picked out that you know will look good for any setting or occasion.

Don’t Forget About Tech Etiquette

As inventors in 2016 and years to come, technology will play a huge role in the process of developing your invention. Whether it’s phone calls, emails, meetings through Skype or managing social media, you need to make sure you mind your manners and stick to business etiquette. In today’s society it is normal to have a smartphone with you at all times, but when you are meeting with people focus on the discussion. Making a quick call, sending a text or checking your email is distracting and disrespectful to the people you are speaking to that are there to help. When you are communicating through technology, double check everything before you hit send. Spell check can be a good and bad thing, just because you spelled the word right you still could be using it wrong grammatically.

In the coming months and years of being an inventor, you may come into situations where manners and behavior will play a huge factor. Choose your words and clothing wisely when greeting and meeting others. These starter tips for business etiquette might help continue the process of getting your invention out there and enhance your professional skills.


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