INPEX® Visits China and Taiwan

This fall, InventHelp’s INPEX Director, Nicole Lininger, had the opportunity to travel to Beijing, China and Taipei, Taiwan as part of her ongoing mission to connect with inventors all around the world. It was the perfect chance for her to check out some of the latest and greatest inventions from Asia at both the China Education Innovation Expo, the Chinese Patent Office and the 2016 Taipei International Invention Show & Technomart.

First stop…China!

With just a few short days to spend in Beijing, Nicole’s most gracious host helped her to make the most of all the city had to offer, starting with a productive meeting with the China Association of Inventors.

From there, she visited the Great Wall of China. “The site is truly breathtaking; however, walking the Great Wall will literally take your breath away. I walked about 50 steps on the first steep incline and quickly realized it was too late to turn back. Luckily, I caught my breath and continued making my way along the 5,500 mile journey. Ok, let’s be clear, I didn’t make it the full 5,500 miles. But I did walk 6,000 steps! That should count for something, right?” said Nicole of her experience.

The next day, Nicole was welcomed at the 2nd annual China Education Innovation Expo at Tsinghua University. She was given the opportunity to promote INPEX and invite the students to be a part of America’s Largest Invention Show in June.

After the Expo, she had a quick trip to the Chinese Patent Office. While there, she was able to tour the facility, listen to the history of the Patent Office and learn how the Chinese patent process works.

Her final stop in China was Beijing’s Forbidden City. Home to 24 emperors of the Ming and Qing dynasties (1368-1911) and now the site of the Palace Museum, the Forbidden City is one of the most popular tourist attractions world-wide.

Next stop…Taipei!

Nicole was invited to represent InventHelp and INPEX at the Taipei International Invention Show. With the help of a translator, she spent the first day of the three-day show meeting the inventors, listening to their enthusiastic product pitches and judging the inventions. The next day, she was invited to present gold medals to some of the winners at the awards ceremony. “It’s always such a great moment to see the pride on an inventor’s face when they are presented with an award after years of hard work to develop their invention or new product,” said Nicole.

On her last day in the country, the show organizers arranged a private tour for her to see some of the amazing sights of Taiwan. The first stop was the Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall, a national monument erected in memory of Chiang Kai-shek, former President of the Republic of China. The next stop on the tour was the Lungshan Temple of Manka, which is in the Wanhua District of Taipei. Built in 1738, the temple served as a place of worship and gathering place of Chinese settlers. It has become a center of religious life and a monument to local culture. The last stop of the day was in Sanxia, Taiwan, at MinQuan Old Street. Because of its location at the confluence of three rivers, it was once a hub for imported goods in the early 1900’s. Now, tastefully restored, it looks much like it did 100 years ago, but with a lively market atmosphere of art galleries and specialty shops.

The 10-day trip was a great opportunity for Nicole to build wonderful relationships with so many people working with inventors in China and Taiwan, take in some amazing sites, eat delicious new cuisine and create memories that will last a lifetime!