INPEX 2016 Exhibitors Progress Report

For many INPEX exhibitors, INPEX is their first trade show and first opportunity to pitch their product to attending business professionals. The companies that attend INPEX shows year after year come looking for new products to license, market, manufacture, distribute and more. Once an INPEX show concludes, we don’t always hear from our past exhibitors, as they can then become very busy reaching out to contacts they met at the show and continuing to work on their inventions. It’s always exciting when we receive word from past exhibitors with updates on their product, and we would like to share some of our 2016 exhibitors’ progress with you!*

When we checked in with inventor Dan Hachey immediately following the 2016 show, he said, “We almost have too many leads to follow-up at the same time.” Only six short months after the conclusion of INPEX, he has already made a few distribution deals for his product, the Sketch-It. He has now begun to work on a toy version of his invention to license to companies.

With the feedback received at INPEX 2016, exhibitor and gold medal award winner Lisa Wall, inventor of The BedMaker, returned home to Canada to adjust her CNC machine and design of her prototype. After making the necessary changes, she has been able to manufacture her own product out of her home and has been sending samples to various catalog buyers.

Inventor Carlton Parrish met Wonik Corp USA at INPEX 2016, who helped him to establish a qualified factory for his invention, Military Ready Sled. They have submitted it to the Department of Defense as a way to move injured soldiers to safety as quickly as possible. They also created prototype samples for the police version of his invention, and have launched a crowdfunding campaign. You can support his campaign here

The same company also helped to establish a factory for inventor William Sans’ invention, The American Cricket. Mr. Sans will be meeting with an investor in the coming weeks and will be working on tooling and samples within the next 60 days.

With only half a year between the last INPEX show and now, we are excited to hear that so many of our most recent exhibitors have already made progress with their inventions. If you are a past INPEX exhibitor and would like to be featured in a story in our Inventor’s Community Newsletter, contact Rachel Rushlander at

*While we are happy at the progress these INPEX inventors have made, not all INPEX exhibitors’ inventions and products are licensed, manufactured or sold in stores.