Ramp Up Your Social Media Activity Before a Trade Show

In today’s day and age, a large portion of our population finds out about the latest news, trends and products from social media. Gone are the days when people wait for a catalog to arrive in the mail or for a commercial to air in between shows for them to learn about new products on the market. Now, with the touch of a finger, individuals can search for and find hundreds – if not thousands – of links for products of interest to them. Social media has a huge impact on product promotion, as it provides entrepreneurs and companies with an oftentimes free way to reach their audience with product updates and announcements. If you are launching a brand new product at a trade show, a great way to create a buzz is to ramp up your social media activity leading up to the event.

Why is this important?
If you post about your involvement with a trade show, it lets your audience know where they can find you and your invention. Even if someone is unable to physically attend the trade show themselves, they can search information about the event to find posts about your product and see pictures from the event once it concludes. Word spreads quickly through social media, so if a member of your audience interacts with your post, other users could potentially see your page, ultimately expanding your network and visibility of your brand.

Additionally, your impending travel and trade show plans makes for great content and definitely worth posting about. If you feel strapped for quality posts, doing a countdown to a trade show or posting updates as you get organized for your booth are great ways to fill holes in your social media newsfeed.

What are some ways to increase social media interactions?
Feedback is always beneficial to start-ups, entrepreneurs and inventors. Something that may not be obvious to you as the inventor of a product may be obvious to a member of your audience, and their impression of your invention could help you to ultimately refine it or get it ready to launch to the masses. Ask questions on your social media accounts to inspire your connections to interact with you. The more regularly you post questions and respond to your audience, the more feedback you could receive.

Many social media outlets have the option of posting live videos. Take advantage of that capability by doing a live video of your product pitch. When you’re pitching at the trade show, you won’t get a “do over” so put yourself on the spot with a live video to practice. Following the video, invite your audience to provide feedback about your pitch so you can make any necessary changes before the trade show.

Don’t forget – it’s important to post frequently DURING the trade show as well. Use event hashtags and be sure to post on all of your social media accounts to diversify your audience.