2016 INPEX® Merit Awards

Some inventions at INPEX may have not scored high enough to win a gold medal in a particular category, however the international jury members found their invention to be of merit. See also, Jury Awards and Special Awards.

Below is a list of the 2016 INPEX Merit Award Winners.


United States and Canada

No Spotter – Melvin Walker

Brace2Play – Andrew Mirabella

Twilight Teeth – Jerald Baughman

Hinge Guard – Joe Paquet

Cell Phone Buddy – Darnell Waters

Ice Arounds - John Mattarella

Top Soap – Mike Graziani

Savion Olympic Wear – Earl McCutcheon

Dottfan.com – Carlos Gomes

WigMate Dry & Style – Janice Henington

Frame Right – Garland Jordan

Aqua Scooter – Robert Witkoff

The RetraStrap – Omar Abass

Tip ‘N Split® – Connie Inukai

EZ Post – John Monaco

PinkyProp – Ted Palacino

Emergency Evacuation Bicycle – Ken Daniels

Splash Paddy  – Wayne Jones

Rapid Slicer Dicer – Ewart Hughes

Hyper Scrub – Robert Plummer

Cameleon Hardware – Kelly Otis

Yorz Razor Grips – Gretchen Gianelli

Towel Belt – April Mitchell

Floral, Greeting Card, Keepsake – Larry Towne

Hook and Loop Shower Curtain Liner System – Stephanie Eberhardt

Bottle Socks – Vanessa Hodges

K9 Garage Door Kennel Net – Roderick Carter

Twist-N-Brush – Willie F. Hobbs & Dr. H.W. Butch Ferguson


Convertible Furniture/Chaise Bed by Baha Furniture - Kenya Mortimer-McKenzie


Blessing ---- Earth Mother - Junhui Zhang

Smart Foldable Fire Escape Mask - Siyu Huang

Smart Window - Julia Cheung        

Chinese Medicine Compound Preparation for Liver Disease - Dongfeng Ji            

The boats and ships power research experimental device - Chan Cheok Heng

Railway Vehicle Bogie Double 6-DOF Movement Test Platform - Jian Su

Depth-adjustable Acupuncture Inserter - Xianyue Ji

An Intelligent Adaptive Control Strategy for Design of Battery Management System - Huaguang Zhang, Guotao Hui, Qinglai Wei

A Novel Intelligently Adaptive Throttle Control System - Huaguang Zhang

Infinitus Xin Yan Herbal Drink - Beely Liu

A Energy-Saving Gear Transmission Mechanism - Risi Na

Induction Heating Device for Bushing Fastening Nut - Yining Gao

Marine Test Integration Power Equipment - Shanghai Association of Inventions

Side Slope Safety Monitoring System - Xi Yu

The Portable and Green Water Purifier - Lao Ka Fong, Lam Chi Wa, Liang Yi Xing


NIKEL protection against harmful effects of UV Rays - Mag. Pharm. Mirjana Brlecic

Helloquent - Tomislav Juratovac

Submersible Power Plant - Vjekoslav Majetic

Anti-Terrorist Lock on the Manhole - Slobodan Rajic

Grynco - Tomislav Marjanovic

Elevator of the Future - Roman Lastric


Under Water Floating Roof Tank - Mohamed Ashry M. Abselfatah


Smart women fertility prediction device - Behnaz Heidari & Atefe Pishgahi

Auto adjustable interior rear view mirror system with ability of vision expansion and reducing the blind spots - Seyed Mojtaba Nikoufal & Amin Djaymand

Design of smart injection cartridge barrel, single & multi-drugs, with automatic injection system for internal, abdomen, and external implants - Dr. Akbar Tahriri Masouleh, Dr. Bijan Shad, Dr. Reza Pourbahador, Tooba Hassanzadeh Pirbazari, Pooyan Piredeir & Ozra Ghasemzadeh Moghaddam - Gilan University of Medical Science

New generation of concrete artificial smart stone -  Dr. Saeid Kardar

Wastewater treatment system by Extended Aeration method – Active Sludge - Hady Hamidyan 

Design and manufacturing enhancing system security vehicle body - Mohamad Hosein Shafiee, Mohamad Mahdi Shafiee Daramroudi, Kamyar Faramarzi

Diary supplement productive machine - Hesan Arefi - Kerman University of Medical Science, Student Research Committee

Designing and manufacturing VTOL intelligent two-phase unmanned seaplane - Farzad Ashtari, Amir Hossein Binaei, Navid Rigi, Mohammad Esmaeilzadeh Khabazi, Afsaneh Nasiri Kaftarak & Mohammad Yusef Salehi Moorkani - Motarjem Institute of Foreign Languages

Patient hand-shake and intelligent systems - Mojtaba Farzaneh, Tahere Boroughani, Rahele Ahmadi & Majid Jalalifar - IRSALAB


Durable Concrete Containing Powdered Waste Glass - Korea Expressway Corp.

YOONICON - Dae Han Electric Co.


Thermal & Corrosion Scanner System - Korea South-East Power Co.

Schnell Racer - IGES Co., Ltd.

Furniture with Easy Assembling - Mostructure

Spotable - Bebig Corp.

PHI (Plant Health Index) - Korea South-East Power Co.

Y-Type Support to Protect Structure - Korea Electric Power Corp.

Airplane Warning Sphere Installation Robot and Control Method - Korea Electric Power Corp.

Multilingual Automated Information System - Korea Airports Corporation


Multi-Axial Clamp Assembly - Zamzuri Hamedon

Novel Fuel Additives Chemical From Oil Palm Sap - Mohd Hasbi Rahim

A Novel Strategy for t-way Test Suite Generation - Prof. Dr. Kamal Zuhairi Bin


An Intumescent Fire Retardant - D. Wesolek

Method of Improving Quality Parameters of Water - Dr inz. Adam Marek


Gloves for Degenerative Osteoarthritis Treatment - Jose Luis Torre Barreiro