2015 INPEX® Merit Awards

Some inventions at INPEX may have not scored high enough to win a gold medal in a particular category, however the international jury members found their invention to be of merit. See also, Jury Awards and Special Awards.

Below is a list of the 2015 INPEX Merit Award Winners.


United States and Canada

The Sports Towel - Jack McAdams

LumiBag - Juan Carbajal

Dan-O Utility Knife - Daniel Raymond

The ALLOW - Mychael Williams

Jelma Micro Power Plant - Jameleddine Abdellaoui

Clamp Champion - David Bulka

The Snag-It - Caroline Stark

Foil Décor - Sabina Miller

FeebMEE Baby Bottle - Shenique King

Smoke Filtering Indoor BBQ Grill and Smoker - John Donofrio

Arrow Way - Aaron McGuin

O2 Safety Strap - Mike Wise

Soap Sleeve - Hayley Sterling

The Cankle Strengthener - Gregory Barel

GunBlocker - Rich Wilson

Passwords Fast - LeAnn Bell

Eyes on U - Daniel Thomas

Survival Life Jacket - Jason Hansbro

Mobile Sound Studio - Martin Cruise

The Acid Reflux Car Seat - Dr. Abigail Smith

DryFast Blanket - Jerry Brandenburg

NoKnot Necklace Carrier - Jennifer Eckstein-Coon

Currency Disinfection System - Michael Golden

Petralite - Steve Barnett

Santino Spaghetti Sauce - Tom Stevens

Tape Handle Dispenser Combination - Gabriel Duarte



Cardiac rehabilitation techniques by activated nerve endings function

Sun Liangui

Touch type of electronic chart

Yi Jiahui

An intelligent portable air detector

Zhang Hanhuang
Chen Yuliang
Qui Xinye
Guo Qiming
Li Haixing
Lian Chengkai

A Novel Therapeutic DNA Vaccine based on Chicken Type II Collagen Gene for Rheumatoid Arthritis

Xi Yongzhi
Song Xinqqiang
Xi Caixia
Long Juan
Zhao Xiao
Liang Fei
Liu Nan
Yuan Fang
Sun Yuing

Photosensitive and Mosquito-killing Curtain

He Luxing

A Kind of pressed bouncing socket and matching plugs

Huang Shaoyuan
Tian Kanglin

Design of Multi-channel laser security alarm system based on Microcomputer control

Li Xuefeng
Xu Kezhen
Su Zhan
Lu Cheng

Chinese Herbal Therapy for AIDS Treatment

Wang Zhonglin

Automatically Pressurized Flush Toilet

Li Ang

Paddy Field Water Level Regulator

Tang Leyue

An Energy-saving Lighting Device

Hadi Hosseini

Smart Baby Carriage

Su Tianli
Huang Cheng
Ge Jie
Wu Changgui

Suspension Gear Decelerator

Jian Li
Wei Deng
Jiying Zhao

3D printing solar air-ground amphibious UAV

Wang Qing
Tao Zexu
Cai Zhihua

Forget-to-pull-out-the-key Reminder

Zhu Zheng

NiTi shape memory alloy biomimetic nanometer TiO2

Gao Shuchun

Dual Mode Traffic Intersection System

Valiant Leung
Yuk Yuen

Intelligent Adjustment Curtain

Zhang Weiqing

Intelligent entrance guard system

Xu Tianli
Zhou Yanchen
Yu Fan
Wu Changgui

Vehicle Height Limit Device

Yuan Lai



Body Recog – Fitness

Anita Busic – LIVE GOOD j.d.o.o.
Tomisav Bronzin – CITUS d.o.o.

Fast Wireless Charging of Electric Cars

Author:  Robert Sigurnjak
Mentor:  Milan Korac Tehnicka
skola Rudera Boskovica



Solution against Desertification

Cabinet IBS France



Design and manufacturing of self-compacting concrete with high Strength

Mr. Masoud Shafaghi

Granit paint

Mr. Sahand Alimohammadi

Fabricating a SLA apparatus based on one mirror laser scanning Mechanism

Mr. Mohammadreza
Nikoomanesh & Mr. Shahriar
Tavousi Tafreshi

Device to assist heart contraction and expansion in heart failure without heart transplant surgery

Mr. Abolfazl Elyasi Irai Islamic University Ayatollah Amoli Branch

Physician Assisting Robot

Mr. Hamed Abdollahzadeh
Mr. Ramin Fathzadeh
Dr. Morteza Mousakhani
Mr. Majid Gholipour
Mrs. Maryam Souri
Mr. Mohammad Javad Nasiri Sadeghloo
Qazvin Islamic Azad University

Immobilization of nano- TiO2 photo-catalyst on polymeric surfaces for colored wastewater treatment

Mr. Seyed Masoud Hashemi
Islamic Azad University
Young Researchers and Elite Club




Lee Seokjin

Seldi (Multipurpose Filming Device for Smartphones And Action Cams)

Mypove Inc.

Restore Battery Machine

Kim Youngho

Exercise Equipment and Gear for 10000 Steps Exercise in Lying Position

Lim Joo-Sang

Touchschool Smart Kids Learning Table

Kim Sungsu



Agarwood Quality Detector (Fragrance Sensor)

Saiful Nizam Bin Tajuddin
Muhammad Sharfi Najib
Mashitah Bt Mohd Yusoff
Erny Haslina Abd Latib
Muhamad Faruqi Zahari
Fathimah Abdul Halim

Microbial Anticancer Enzyme from Squid Pen

Dr. Essam A. Makky
Tahira Batook
Prof. Dr. Mashitah M. Yusoff




Food & Fun b.v.



Method for controlling a resonant-mode power supply & a resonant-Mode power supply with a controller

AGH University of Science and Technology
Faculty of Computer Science
Electronics and Telecommunications
Cezary Worek, PhD Eng.

Technology production culinary ostrich meat with enhanced Nutritional & health-promoting properties

Institute of Genetics and Animal Breeding of the Polish Academy of Sciences/Warsaw University of Life Sciences

Method of reducing dust formation in heaps, hillocks or dumping Grounds of mining

Poltegor Instytut Institute of Open Cast Mining

A resonant-mode power supply with a multi-winding inductor

AGH University of Science and Technology
Faculty of Computer Science
Electronics and Telecommunications
Cezary Worek, PhD Eng.

New peptidomimetics reducing side effects of morphine intake

Pain Treatment Cluster
Mossakowski Medical Research Centre Polish Academy of Sciences
Homeostasis Institute Ltd.

A method for reduction of losses in an integrated inductor

AGH University of Science and Technology
Faculty of Computer Science
Electronics and Telecommunications
Cezary Worek, PhD Eng.



Water heater

Pedrag Pesovic



Vacuum rotary automatic dryer for fruit, vegetable, cereals, herbs, Medicines and granulate

Marko Palic