2017 INPEX® Merit Awards

Some inventions at INPEX may have not scored high enough to win a gold medal in a particular category, however the international jury members found their invention to be of merit. See also, Jury Awards and Special Awards.

Below is a list of the 2017 INPEX Merit Award Winners.


United States and Canada

Gordon Ovarian Ligament Shear (GOLSH) – Hylton Gordon

First Step – Giuseppe Del Giudice

Façade – Lisa Bryan

F+P=Fluency – Melony Feggans

Got-A-Pee-Puff – Shirley Benton

NO BEARS ALLOWED – Behrouz Rahimi

Panwaffle – Luke Zeutzius

Potty Safe – Colt & Stacy Hall

Recliner Chair Footrest Extender – Charles Johnson

Tilt-N-Clean – Carmelo & Gloria Caputa

TungTie – Eric Gallup

Weed and Sweep – Tim & Barbara Gaffney

Zipper Genie – Jessica Jones

FiAir – Alan Harris

ND999 – Michael Roberts

Café-ERGO – Gerald Haessig

Hydro Station – Dylan Larsen

Orb Food Centrifuge – Bruce Rodgers

Interlocking Sandlock Sandbox – Steve Lieberenz

The Hands Free Onion Peeler – Ewart Hughes

Rain Boots with the Approaching Alarm Function – Jason Hu

Happy Ears – Inez Houston

Collapsible Hanging Chair – David Phillips

Home and Gazebo for Pets – Dennis Justiniano

Cornbowl – Keith Littlefield

Multifunctional Electromagnetic Interaction Demo - Junwei Liao


Yurou Cell Energy Bath – Faquan Lu

Production Technology of Laminated PVC/PVDC – Yamin Suo, Huanyu Wang, Junfeng Zhao

ShangRing Disposable Circumcision Device – Jianzhong Shang

A New Type of Device to Develop Children’s Ability of Incremental Learning – Zhanying Song, Baocheng Pan

A New Type of Device to Develop Children’s Concentration on Observation – Zhanying Song, Baocheng Pan

A Device Using Only Magnetic Force to Produce Linear Movement and Motor with only One Electromagnetic Coil – Jiao Xiangtian and Jiao Jian

World-First Allicin Respiratory Therapy Instrument – Jianhua Cai

A Drug that Suppresses and Eliminates Cancer Cells – Zhiming Xie

Natural Plant Essential Oil Antibacterial Air Freshener – Jingning Wang

“Heating Hospital” A Novel Management System for Heating Supply and Optimization - Zhang Jiuming

Czech Republic

Manufacturing Method for Grinding Surface on Glass Cosmetics


Level Crossing Protection System – Zvonimir Viduka

Liquid Table Sweetener – Goran Miljkovic

Multifunctional Utility Electric Vehicle – Jekoslav Majetic

Spiral For Mares – Almir Karabegovic

Voice Thermometer – Marian Mitric Ciprian & Goran Ecimovic


Mobility Aid Orthopedic – Sourena Mardanpour & Mohammadreza Shayegh

The Light concrete Resin Panels for Internal and External Walls – Davoud Beheshitzadeh

The Nano Filter Installed on the Bottle of Mineral Water – Arman Yousefian

A New Formula For Preparing Mayonnaise Sauce - Sayed Alireza Moosavi & Pooya Molana

Airplane Stop via Magnetic Force - Asghar Asadi, Vandad Dehghan, Mohammad Zabihi & Alireza Zare Kelaki

Controllable Tibia Lengthening (PARHAM Nail) - Dr. Parham MAROUFI & Dr. Tala POURLAK

Flavored Bread, an Innovative Solution to Prevent Osteoporosis - Sima Akbariyeh 

HL Herbal Glue for Solving the Problem of Urban Haze - Dr. Khalil Nazari

Intelligent Eyeglasses - Melika Mohammadsalehi

Safe Place in Structures Resistant Against Earthquake & Impact - Otaredian Company

Smart Radiology Bed - Ali Sabbaghkashani, Mehdi Bashiri Ghotourlar & Narges Bakhtiari 

Intelligent Toothbrush with the Ability to Remove Most Amounts of Plaque - Mehdi Bashiri Ghotourlar


FACT(Fiber Active Carbon is Tied) – Seo Soonseog

Monitoring and Extinguishing System for Forest Fire Using Drones – Jeonju University Office of Industry-University Co

Nail Up and In – BSCARE

OHOILdid Digital Signage – Park Sangwook

QC Manager Multi – Won Kyeonghoon


Multiview Screen – Majid El Bouazzaoui

Stethocorder – El Hamdouchi Haajar, El Azami El Hassani Mohammed Amine & Benjelloun Halima

Standalone Honey Extraction System - Malika Zazi, Youssef Barradi & Abderrahim Abarhich

CSA (Cancer Smart Antenna) - Ammor Hassan & Karli Radouane


HalloPrep – Preparations for Enhanced Biogas Production – Martyna Wojcieszak & Lukas Drewniak

LEO Twist – Michal Czechowicz

Method of Producing High-Quality Smoked Ostrich Meat Product – Institute of Genetics and Animal Breeding PAS


Ecological solutions: Toothpaste & Mouth Wash – Kamel Earer