RPG was first established in 1978 to produce, source and distribute retail products with a primary focus on pet care products. Today, RPG’s product assortment includes pet products, household cleaning products, baby products and many others.



Product Search Criteria

Representatives from RPG will be at INPEX 2017 looking for innovative new products in the following categories:

  •   Pet Products Including:
    • Pet Dental Care
    •  Vitamins & Supplements
    • Waste Pick-up
    • Cat Litter
    • Litter Boxes
    • Pet Care Products
    • Pet Cleaning Products
    • Pet Outdoor Living
    • Pet Toys
    • Pet Tracking
    • Pet Treats
    • Pet Food

Products can be patented, patent-pending, provisionally patented, or not patented to be reviewed by RPG. An inventor must be willing to sign a Confidential Disclosure Agreement. (NDA)

For more information about RPG, please visit www.rpgdirect.com.

If you have an invention that fits the above criteria and you would like to participate in the RPG new product search at INPEX 2017, please call your INPEX representative today at 1-888-54-INPEX or complete our exhibitor information request form.