Companies, Business Attendees, Media & Guests

  • Badges must be worn at all times on the trade show floor.
  • Attendance is restricted to qualified business attendees ONLY on Tuesday and Wednesday! A qualified business attendee is one who works for or owns a company or companies looking for new products for licensing, manufacture, distribution, import/export, research and development, or selling through catalog/direct response TV/internet shopping channels. Also qualified, are companies or educators involved in technology transfer, members of the media, venture capital companies, product wholesalers, product marketers, and product licensing consultants.
  • INPEX is open to the general public and non-exhibiting inventors on Thursday only.
  • In order to confirm your business affiliation as a qualified business attendee at INPEX, you may be required to produce a business card with your name and title, company address, email address, and company website, as well as a statement describing your company and your purpose for attending INPEX.
    • Please Note – These qualifications would need to be faxed or sent to INPEX prior to your arrival at the show for your registration to be processed. Please submit your documentation or questions by email, phone or fax to:
          Rachel Shapiro
          INPEX | 217 Ninth Street | Pittsburgh, PA 15222
          P: 888-54-INPEX x 4124 | F: 412-288-4546 |
    • You will receive an email from INPEX upon qualification.
  • INPEX reserves the right to accept or reject registrations and to cancel any previously accepted reservations, at any time, at its sole discretion, without liability to the registrant or any other party. This policy was instituted to maintain the professional environment of the show, while protecting the interests of our attendees and exhibitors.
  • There is no fee to attend, as long as attendee qualifications are met and approval is given as a "qualified business attendee". Attendees who do not pre-qualify or register before Monday, June 12, 2017 will be charged a $49 admission fee.
  • NO Photography – Strictly Enforced! Photography or video recording at the show is prohibited except by those with valid media badges or other authorized individuals.
  • NO Solicitation allowed.
  • NO "Suitcasing" – Suitcasing refers to companies or persons who go to shows as attendees but "work the aisles" from their suitcase (or briefcase), soliciting business from other attendees and exhibitors. Any attendee who is observed to be soliciting business in the aisles or other public spaces, or in another company's booth, will be asked to leave immediately.
  • Attendees and non-exhibiting inventors are not permitted to have inventions on the show floor at any time! Strictly Enforced! This includes prototypes and any documentation for distribution purposes. This applies to anyone who is not a paid exhibitor.
  • Show management is NOT responsible for injuries, property damage or loss of any kind, or for any other incidents, directly or indirectly connected with attending the show. Attendees assume all business and personal risk before, during and after the show.
  • Show management shall have sole discretion over admission at all times and shall strictly enforce all show rules. Attendees agree to abide by these attendance rules, as well as all other rules applicable to their badge type, which may be updated at any time. Violators risk immediate confiscation of their show badge without refund and removal from the premises. Violators will not be allowed re-entry.

Inventors, click here to request more info. Companies, click here register. 

or Call: 1-888-54-INPEX for more information